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Application of SEMG for assessing the effectiveness of wearing soft lumbar corsets in elderly patients with low back painKwok, WL; Chan, KW; Leung, HB; Wong, K; Hu, Y201254
Activation of Protease-Activated Receptor 4 (PAR-4) in Tubular Epithelial Cells Contributes to Diabetic NephropathyYiu, WH; Leung, JCK; Chan, YY; Chan, KW; Lan, HY; Lai, KN; Tang, SCW201233
Comparing the Ethical Regulation of the Legal Profession in China and JapanWu, R; Chan, KW201279
How can stressed employees deliver better customer service? The underlying self-regulation depletion mechanismChan, KW; Wan, EW201281
Penicilliosis in children without HIV infection-are they immunodeficient?Lee, PPW; Chan, KW; Lee, TL; Ho, MHK; Chen, XY; Li, CH; Chu, KM; Zeng, HS; Lau, YL2012115
Modulating effects of matrix metalloproteinase-3 and -9 polymorphisms on aortic stiffness and aortic root dilation in patients after tetralogy of Fallot repairCheung, YF; Hong, WJ; Chan, KW; Wong, SJ2011134
Genome-wide association study identifies a susceptibility locus for biliary atresia on 10q24.2 (vol 19, pg 2917, 2010)Garcia-Barcelo, MM; Yeung, MY; Miao, XP; Tang, CSM; Cheng, G; So, MT; Ngan, EW; Lui, VCH; Chen, Y; Liu, XL; Hui, KJWS; Li, L; Guo, WH; Sun, XB; Tou, JF; Chan, KW; Wu, XZ; Song, YQ; Chan, D; Cheung, K; Chung, PHY; Wong, KKY; Sham, PC; Cherny, SS; Tam, PKH2011157
Implicit Learning of L2 Spanish Stress RuleChan, KW; Leung, JHC201182
Circulating levels of biomarkers of collagen synthesis and ventricular function and dyssynchrony in adolescents and young adults after repair of tetralogy of FallotLai, CTM; Chan, KW; Wong, SJ; Chow, PC; Cheung, YF2011149
Molecular diagnosis of severe combined immunodeficiency - Identification of IL2RG, JAK3, IL7R, DCLRE1C, RAG1, and RAG2 mutations in a cohort of Chinese and Southeast Asian childrenLee, PPW; Chan, KW; Chen, TX; Jiang, LP; Wang, XC; Zeng, HS; Chen, XY; Liew, WK; Chen, J; Chu, KM; Chan, LL; Shek, L; Lee, ACW; Yu, HH; Li, Q; Xu, CG; SultanUgdoracion, G; Latiff, ZA; Latiff, AHA; Jirapongsananuruk, O; Ho, MHK; Lee, TL; Yang, XQ; Lau, YL2011148
Can I do it? Can you do it? Roles of self-efficacy and other-efficacy of customers and employees in service participationYim, BCK; Chan, KW; Lam, SSK201194
A novel CYBB mutation with the first genetically confirmed case of chronic granulomatous disease in South AfricaNaidoo, R; Jordaan, N; Chan, KW; Le Roux, DM; Pienaar, S; Nuttall, J; Lau, YL; Eley, BS201152
IGF1R-targeting as potential immunotherapy for esophageal cancerCheung, A; Li, B; Chan, KW; Tsao, GSW2011161
Molecular basis of von Hippel-Lindau syndrome in Chinese patientsSiu, WK; Ma, RCW; Lam, CW; Mak, CM; Yuen, YP; Lo, FMI; Chan, KW; Lam, SF; Ling, SC; Tong, SF; So, WY; Chow, CC; Tang, MHY; Tam, WH; Chan, AYW2011302
Prevalence of antibiotic-resistant intestinal flora in patients undergoing transrectal ultrasonography-guided prostate biopsy (TRUS-Bx) and its implication for clinical practice: preliminary resultsTsu, JHL; Ma, WK; Lam, SH; Chan, KW; To, KC; To, WK; Ng, TK; Liu, PL; Yiu, MK2011107
Objective assessment of walking environments in ultra-dense cities: Development and reliability of the Environment in Asia Scan Tool-Hong Kong version (EAST-HK)Cerin, E; Chan, KW; Macfarlane, DJ; Lee, KY; Lai, PC2011171
Polyomavirus enhancer activator 3 protein promotes breast cancer metastatic progression through Snail-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transitionYuen, HF; Chan, YK; Grills, C; McCrudden, CM; Gunasekharan, V; Shi, Z; Wong, ASY; Lappin, TR; Chan, KW; Fennell, DA; Khoo, US; Johnston, PG; El-Tanani, M2011157
TSPYL2 is important for G1 checkpoint maintenance upon DNA damageTao, KP; Fong, SW; Lu, Z; Ching, YP; Chan, KW; Chan, SY2011157
Is customer participation in value creation a double-edged sword? evidence from professional financial services across culturesChan, KW; Yim, CK; Lam, SSK2010345
Revisiting human IL-12Rβ1 deficiency: A survey of 141 patients from 30 countriesDe Beaucoudrey, L; Samarina, A; Bustamante, J; Cobat, A; BoissonDupuis, S; Feinberg, J; AlMuhsen, S; Jannière, L; Rose, Y; De Suremain, M; Kong, XF; FilipeSantos, O; Chapgier, A; Picard, C; Fischer, A; Dogu, F; Ikinciogullari, A; Tanir, G; AlHajjar, S; AlJumaah, S; Frayha, HH; Alsum, Z; AlAjaji, S; Alangari, A; AlGhonaium, A; Adimi, P; Mansouri, D; BenMustapha, I; Yancoski, J; Garty, BZ; RodriguezGallego, C; Caragol, I; Kutukculer, N; Kumararatne, DS; Patel, S; Doffinger, R; Exley, A; Jeppsson, O; Reichenbach, J; Nadal, D; Boyko, Y; Pietrucha, B; Anderson, S; Levin, M; Schandené, L; Schepers, K; Efira, A; Mascart, F; Matsuoka, M; Sakai, T; Siegrist, CA; Frecerova, K; BlüettersSawatzki, R; Bernhöft, J; Freihorst, J; Baumann, U; Richter, D; Haerynck, F; De Baets, F; Novelli, V; Lammas, D; Vermylen, C; Tuerlinckx, D; Nieuwhof, C; Pac, M; Haas, WH; MüllerFleckenstein, I; Fleckenstein, B; Levy, J; Raj, R; Cohen, AC; Lewis, DB; Holland, SM; Yang, KD; Wang, X; Wang, X; Jiang, L; Yang, X; Zhu, C; Xie, Y; Lee, PPW; Chan, KW; Chen, TX; Castro, G; Natera, I; Codoceo, A; King, A; Bezrodnik, L; Di Giovani, D; Gaillard, MI; De MoraesVasconcelos, D; Grumach, AS; Da Silva Duarte, AJ; Aldana, R; EspinosaRosales, FJ; Bejaoui, M; Bousfiha, AA; Baghdadi, JE; Özbek, N; Aksu, G; Keser, M; Somer, A; Hatipoglu, N; Aydogmus, C; Asilsoy, S; Camcioglu, Y; Gülle, S; Ozgur, TT; Ozen, M; Oleastro, M; Bernasconi, A; Mamishi, S; Parvaneh, N; Rosenzweig, S; Barbouche, R; Pedraza, S; Lau, YL; Ehlayel, MS; Fieschi, C; Abel, L; Sanal, O; Casanova, JL2010126
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