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Combination of a cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitor and a proton-pump inhibitor for prevention of recurrent ulcer bleeding in patients at very high risk: a double-blind, randomised trialChan, FKL; Wong, VWS; Suen, BY; Wu, JCY; Ching, JYL; Hung, LCT; Hui, AJ; Leung, VKS; Lee, VWY; Lai, LH; Wong, GLH; Chow, DKL; To, KF; Leung, WK; Chiu, PWY; Lee, YT; Lau, JYW; Chan, HLY; Ng, EKW; Sung, JJY2007126
Omeprazole before endoscopy in patients with gastrointestinal bleedingLau, JY; Leung, WK; Wu, JCY; Chan, FKL; Wong, VWS; Chiu, PWY; Lee, VWY; Lee, KKC; Cheung, FKY; Siu, P; Ng, EKW; Sung, JJY200787
Frequent epigenetic inactivation of secreted frizzled-related protein 2 (SFRP2) by promoter methylation in human gastric cancerCheng, YY; Yu, J; Wong, YP; Man, EPS; To, KF; Jin, VX; Li, J; Tao, Q; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL; Leung, WK200783
Treatment of diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome with traditional Chinese herbal medicine: A randomized placebo-controlled trialLeung, WK; Wu, JCY; Liang, SM; Chan, LS; Chan, FKL; Xie, H; Fung, SSL; Hui, AJ; Wong, VWS; Che, CT; Sung, JJY2006143
Association of intestinal granulomas with smoking, phenotype, and serology in Chinese patients with Crohn's diseaseLeong, RWL; Lawrance, IC; Chow, DKL; To, KF; Lau, JY; Wu, J; Leung, WK; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY200666
Effects of long-term rofecoxib on gastric intestinal metaplasia: Results of a randomized controlled trialLeung, WK; Ng, EKW; Chan, FKL; Chan, WY; Chan, KF; Auyeung, ACM; Lam, CCH; Lau, JYW; Sung, JJY2006102
Ulcers and gastritisLeung, WK; Chan, FKL; Graham, DY200653
Effect of celecoxib on experimental liver fibrosis in ratHui, AY; Leung, WK; Yuen Chan, HL; Chan, FKL; Yin Go, MY; Chan, KK; Tang, BD; Chu, ESH; Sung, JJY200683
Effect of oral erythromycin on gastric and small bowel transit time of capsule endoscopyLeung, WL; Chan, FKL; Fung, SSL; Wong, MY; Sung, JJY200560
Intestinal trefoil factor promotes invasion in non-tumorigenic Rat-2 fibroblast cellChan, VYW; Chan, MWY; Leung, WK; Leung, PS; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL200565
Risk factors associated with the development of intestinal metaplasia in first-degree relatives of gastric cancer patientsLeung, WK; Ng, EKW; Chan, WY; Auyeung, ACM; Chan, KF; Lam, CCH; Chan, FKL; Lau, JYW; Sung, JJY200588
Long-term outcome of Helicobacter pylori-negative idiopathic bleeding ulcers: A prospective cohort studyHung, LCT; Ching, JYL; Sung, JJY; To, KF; Hui, AJ; Wong, VWS; Leong, RWL; Chan, HLY; Wu, JCY; Leung, WK; Lee, YT; Chung, SCS; Chan, FKL200589
Clopidogrel versus aspirin and esomeprazole to prevent recurrent ulcer bleedingChan, FKL; Ching, JYL; Hung, LCT; Wong, VWS; Leung, VKS; Kung, NNS; Hui, AJ; Wu, JCY; Leung, WK; Lee, VWY; Lee, KKC; Lee, YT; Lau, JYW; To, KF; Chan, HLY; Chung, SCS; Sung, JJY2005126
Quantitative detection of promoter hypermethylation in multiple genes in the serum of patients with colorectal cancerLeung, WK; To, KF; Man, EPS; Chan, MWY; Bai, AHC; Hui, AJ; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY200550
Potential diagnostic and prognostic values of detecting promoter hypermethylation in the serum of patients with gastric cancerLeung, WK; To, KF; Chu, ESH; Chan, MWY; Bai, AHC; Ng, EKW; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY200561
Rethinking the safety of clopidogrel: Answers from ulcers in AsiaChan, FKL; Ching, JY; Hung, LC; Wong, VW; Leung, VK; Kung, NN; Hui, AJ; Wu, JC; Leung, WK; Lee, VW; Lee, KK; Lee, YT; Lau, JY; To, KF; Chan, HL; Chung, SC; Sung, JJ; Speigel, B; Dulai, G200556
Anti-sense trefoil factor family-3 (intestinal trefoil factor) inhibits cell growth and induces chemosensitivity to adriamycin in human gastric cancer cellsChan, MWY; Chan, VYW; Leung, WK; Chan, KK; To, KF; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL200550
Constitutional activation of IL-6-mediated JAK/STAT pathway through hypermethylation of SOCS-1 in human gastric cancer cell lineTo, KF; Chan, MWY; Leung, WK; Ng, EKW; Yu, J; Bai, AHC; Lo, AWI; Chu, SH; Tong, JHM; Lo, KW; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL2004110
Agreements among traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of irritable bowel syndromeSung, JJY; Leung, WK; Ching, JYL; Lao, L; Zhang, G; Wu, JCY; Liang, SM; Xie, H; Ho, YP; Chan, LS; Berman, B; Chan, FKL200475
Celecoxib versus diclofenac plus omeprazole in high-risk arthritis patients: Results of a randomized double-blind trialChan, FKL; Hung, LCT; Suen, BY; Wong, VWS; Hui, AJ; Wu, JCY; Leung, WK; Lee, YT; To, KF; Chung, SCS; Sung, JJY200472
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