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Chick tooth induction revisitedCai, J; Cho, SW; Ishiyama, M; Mikami, M; Hosoya, A; Kozawa, Y; Ohshima, H; Jung, HS200975
ERK activation is involved in tooth development via FGF10 signalingCho, KW; Cai, J; Kim, HY; Hosoya, A; Ohshima, H; Choi, KY; Jung, HS200952
MAPK mediates Hsp25 signaling in incisor developmentLee, MJ; Cai, J; Kwak, SW; Cho, SW; Harada, H; Jung, HS200965
Capacity of dental pulp differentiation in mouse molars as demonstrated by allogenic tooth transplantationTakamori, Y; Suzuki, H; NakakuraOhshima, K; Cai, J; Cho, SW; Jung, HS; Ohshima, H200876
Missing learning opportunities in classroom instruction: Evidence from an analysis of a well-structured lesson on comparing fractionsMok, IAC; Cai, J; Fung, ATF2008131
Wnt11/Fgfr1b cross-talk modulates the fate of cells in palate developmentLee, JM; Kim, JY; Cho, KW; Lee, MJ; Cho, SW; Kwak, S; Cai, J; Jung, HS200860
Patterning of tooth in rodentsCho, SW; Cai, J; Jung, HS200728
Specificity in ERK activation and function during tooth developmentCho, KW; Cai, J; Cho, SW; Jung, HS200725
WNT11/FGFR1b cross-talk modulate the fate of cells in palate developmentLee, JM; Kim, JY; Cho, KW; Lee, MJ; Cho, SW; Kwak, S; Cai, J; Jung, HS200744
Chick tooth' revisitedCai, J; Cho, SW; Ishiyama, M; Mikami, M; Kozawa, Y; Ohshima, H; Jung, HS200735
Optimal dividends in an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type model with credit and debit interestCai, J; Gerber, HU; Yang, H2006155
Asymmetric information as a key determinant for locational choice of MNC headquarters and the development of financial centers: A case for ChinaZhao, SXB; Cai, J; Zhang, L200570
Root canal filled versus non-root canal filled teeth: A retrospective comparison of survival timesCaplan, DJ; Cai, J; Yin, G; White, BA200589
The stepwise process of chromium-induced DNA breakage: Characterization by electrochemistry, atomic force microscopy, and DNA electrophoresisYang, PH; Gao, HY; Cai, J; Chiu, JF; Sun, H; He, QY2005116
Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving: Struggles A Hong Kong Teacher FacesMok, IAC; Cai, J; Fung, A.T.F200568
Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel compounds related to 1-arylnaphthalene lignans and isoquinolinesDing, H; Lu, W; Li, H; Yang, L; Zhang, Q; Zhou, C; Wu, X; Baudoin, O; Cai, J; Guéritte, F; Zhao, Y200594
Quantile regression models with multivariate failure time dataYin, G; Cai, J2005128
Ruin in the perturbed compound Poisson risk process under interest forceCai, J; Yang, H2005135
Teaching for Basic Skills' Versus 'Teaching for Understanding': Analysis of a Lesson from Hong KongMok, IAC; Cai, J; Fung, A.T.F200472
Two Sides of a Coin in Teaching: An Analysis of a Lesson on Comparing Factions. In Topic Study Group 8, 'Research and Development in the Teaching and Learning of Number and Arithmetic'Mok, IAC; Cai, J; Fung, A.T.F200470
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