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Solubility of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate by solid titrationPan, HB; Darvell, BW200999
Solid titration of octacalcium phosphatePan, HB; Darvell, BW200964
The effect of silver diammine fluoride on demineralized enamel and dentineLou, YL; Botelho, MG; Darvell, BW200997
3D Solubility Diagram for Calcium Phosphates by Solid TitrationPan, H; Darvell, BW2008199
Reaction of silver diammine fluoride with hydroxyapatite and collagenLou, YL; Darvell, BW2008119
Chapter 1 : Characterizing The Performance of Dental Air Turbine HandpiecesDarvell, BW; Dyson, JE2008126
Porous Li-Na-K niobate bone-substitute ceramics: Microstructure and piezoelectric propertiesWang, Q; Chen, X; Zhu, J; Darvell, BW; Chen, Z2008247
Failure behavior of glass ionomer cement under Hertzian indentationWang, Y; Darvell, BW200889
Low-cycle fatigue of rotary NiTi endodontic instruments in hypochlorite solutionCheung, GSP; Darvell, BW2008116
Hydroxyapatite whiskers: preparation and useas resin-reinforcing fillerZhang, Hongquan; 張宏泉2008364
Fatigue testing of a NiTi rotary instrument. Part 1: Strain-life relationshipCheung, GSP; Darvell, BW200781
Solubility of hydroxyapatite by solid titration at pH 3-4Pan, HB; Darvell, BW200764
Low-cycle fatigue of Ni-Ti rotary instrument'Cheung, GSP; Darvell, BW200782
Low-cycle fatigue of NiTi rotary instruments of various cross-sectional shapesCheung, GSP; Darvell, BW200767
Comparison of defects in ProTaper hand-operated and engine-driven instruments after clinical useCheung, GSP; Bian, Z; Shen, Y; Peng, B; Darvell, BW2007117
Solubility of calcium fluoride and fluorapatite by solid titrationPan, HB; Darvell, BW200793
Effect of Environment on Low-cycle Fatigue of a Nickel-Titanium InstrumentCheung, GSP; Shen, Y; Darvell, BW200778
Fatigue testing of a NiTi rotary instrument. Part 2: Fractographic analysisCheung, GSP; Darvell, BW200766
Solubility of calcium phosphates and related oral minerals by solid titrationPan, Haobo.; 潘浩波2007240
Does Electropolishing Improve the Low-cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instrument in Hypochlorite?Cheung, GSP; Shen, Y; Darvell, BW200780
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