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The international position on laparoscopic liver surgery: The Louisville Statement, 2008
Annals of Surgery
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Buell, JF; Cherqui, D; Geller, DA; O'Rourke, N; Iannitti, D; Dagher, I; Koffron, AJ; Thomas, M; Gayet, B; Han, HS; Wakabayashi, G; Belli, G; Kaneko, H; Ker, CG; Scatton, O; Laurent, A; Abdalla, EK; Chaudhury, P; Dutson, E; Gamblin, C; D'Angelica, M; Nagorney, D; Testa, G; Labow, D; Manas, D; Poon, RTP; Nelson, H; Martin, R; Clary, B; Pinson, WC; Martinie, J; Vauthey, JN; Goldstein, R; Roayaie, S; Barlet, D; Espat, J; Abecassis, M; Rees, M; Fong, Y; McMasters, KM; Broelsch, C; Busuttil, R; Belghiti, J; Strasberg, S; Chari, RS2009427
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