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Connexin32 in the peripheral nervous system: Functional analysis of mutations associated with X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome and implications for the pathophysiology of the diseaseNicholson, SM; Ressot, C; Gomès, D; D'Andrea, P; Perea, J; Duval, N; Bruzzone, R199962
Functional analysis of a dominant mutation of human connexin26 associated with nonsyndromic deafnessBruzzone, R; Gomès, D; Denoyelle, F; Duval, N; Perea, J; Veronesi, V; Weil, D; Petit, C; Gabellec, MM; D'Andrea, P; White, TW2001160
Hearing loss: Frequency and functional studies of the most common connexin26 allelesD'Andrea, P; Veronesi, V; Bicego, M; Melchionda, S; Zelante, L; Di Iorio, E; Bruzzone, R; Gasparini, P2002100
Loss-of-function and residual channel activity of connexin26 mutations associated with non-syndromic deafnessBruzzone, R; Veronesi, V; Gomès, D; Bicego, M; Duval, N; Marlin, S; Petit, C; D'Andrea, P; White, TW2003144
Pathogenetic role of the deafness-related M34T mutation of Cx26Bicego, M; Beltramello, M; Melchionda, S; Carella, M; Piazza, V; Zelante, L; Bukauskas, FF; Arslan, E; Cama, E; Pantano, S; Bruzzone, R; D'Andrea, P; Mammano, F2006107
Selective defects in channel permeability associated with Cx32 mutations causing X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseaseBicego, M; Morassutto, S; Hernandez, VH; Morgutti, M; Mammano, F; D'Andrea, P; Bruzzone, R2006117
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