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Synthesis of Mesoporous Gadolinium Doped Ceria - Platinum CompositeYung, H; Chan, GKY; Lam, LF201237
Generation of CO free hydrogen by liquid-phase bicatalytrc WGS reaction at 40°C via formic acid intermediateJayasree, KP; Ting, SW; Lam, FLY; Hu, C; Chan, KY201237
Synthesis of Pt-OMG mesoporous composite via nanocasting and chemical vapor infiltrationYung, H; Chan, GKY; Lam, LF201233
Superior adsorption capacity of film typed carbon for the abatement of sulfur dioxideLam, FLY; Fu, MO; Hu, X201044
A combined technique of photo-doping and MOCVD for the development of heterogeneous photo-Fenton catalystLam, FLY; Hu, X; Lee, TMH; Chan, KY2009179
Study on the synthesis of clay-based titanium silicalite-1 catalytic compositeYip, ACK; Lam, FLY; Hu, X; Li, P; Yuan, WK2009114
A novel mixed-oxide catalyst for the abatement of nitrous oxideMartin, TC; Lam, FL; Hu, X2009110
A heterostructured titanium silicalite-1 catalytic composite for cyclohexanone ammoximationYip, ACK; Lam, FLY; Hu, X2009119
Titanium silicalite-1 catalytic architecture: A new approach to make TS-1 applicable to industrial processYip, AC; Lam, FL; Hu, X; Li, P; Yuan, WK2009132
Fabrication of copper (I) nitride nanorods within SBA-15 by metal organic chemical vapor depositionZhang, Y; Frank LeungYuk, L; Yan, Z; Hu, X200994
A template-free nano-wrapping technique for the fabrication of copper hollow nanospheres smaller than 20 nmLam, FLY; Martin, TCY; Hu, X2008117
Synthesis of metallic nanostructures using mesoporous templates and supercritical CO 2 as reaction mediumLin, CS; Lam, FLY; Hu, X; Tam, WY; Ng, KM200841
Synthesis of metallic nanostructures using chemical fluid depositionLin, CS; Lam, FLY; Hu, X; Tam, WY; Ng, KM2008185
Ordered mesoporous carbon as an efficient and reversible adsorbent for the adsorption of fullerenesWang, H; Lam, FLY; Hu, X; Ng, KM200871
Formation of an ink-bottle-like pore structure in SBA-15 by MOCVDZhang, Y; Lam, FLY; Hu, X; Yan, Z2008152
Fabrication of copper nanowire encapsulated in the pore channels of SBA-15 by metal organic chemical vapor depositionZhang, Y; Lam, FLY; Hu, X; Yan, Z; Sheng, P2007140
A high performance bimetallic catalyst for photo-Fenton oxidation of Orange II over a wide pH rangeLam, FLY; Hu, X200797
Synthesis of SBA-15/carbon composite with an ink-bottle-like pore structure by a novel pulse CVD techniqueHe, C; Lam, FLY; Hu, X2007154
Copper/MCM-41 as a highly stable and pH-insensitive heterogeneous photo-fenton-like catalytic material for the abatement of organic wastewaterLam, FLY; Yip, ACK; Hu, X2007132
Novel bimetallic catalyst for the photo-assisted degradation of Acid Black 1 over a broad range of pHYip, ACK; LeungYuk Lam, F; Hu, X2007265
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