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Modified-gravity wormholes without exotic matterHarko, TC; Lobo, FSN; Mak, MK; Sushkov, SV201349
New further integrability cases for the Riccati equationMak, MK; Harko, T201359
Generalized Dark GravityHarko, TC; Lobo, FSN201221
Could pressureless dark matter have pressure?Harko, T; Lobo, FSN201261
Wormhole geometries in modified teleparallel gravity and the energy conditionsBöhmer, CG; Harko, T; Lobo, FSN2012108
New integrability case for the Riccati equationMak, MK; Harko, T2012106
Wormholes supported by hybrid metric-Palatini gravityCapozziello, S; Harko, TC; Koivisto, TS; Lobo, FSN; Olmo, GJ201241
Weyl fluid dark matter model tested on the galactic scale by weak gravitational lensingWong, KC; Harko, T; Cheng, KS; Gergely, LA201271
Cosmological evolution of finite temperature Bose-Einstein condensate dark matterHarko, TC; Mocanu, G201289
Quark-hadron phase transitions in the viscous early universeTawfik, T; Harko, TC2012109
Metric-Palatini gravity unifying local constraints and late-time cosmic accelerationHarko, TC; Koivisto, TS; Lobo, FSN; Olmo, GJ201262
Bose-Einstein condensate general relativistic starsChavanis, PH; Harko, TC201240
Stochastic oscillations of general relativistic discsHarko, T; Mocanu, GR201296
Weyl-Cartan-Weitzenbock gravity as a generalization of teleparallel gravityHaghani, Z; Harko, TC; Sepangi, HR; Shahidi, S201249
Condensate dark matter starsLi, XY; Harko, T; Cheng, KS201294
New derivation of the Lagrangian of a perfect fluid with a barotropic equation of stateMinazzoli, O; Harko, TC201238
Cheng, Yu, and Harko replyCheng, KS; Yu, YW; Harko, T201131
Viscous quark-gluon plasma in the early universeTawfik, A; Wahba, M; Mansour, H; Harko, TC201183
Electron-positron energy deposition rate from neutrino pair annihilation on the rotation axis of neutron and quark starsKovács, Z; Cheng, KS; Harko, T2011527
Evolution of cosmological perturbations in Bose-Einstein condensate dark matterHarko, TC2011100
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