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Mempertanggungjawabkan kekejaman-kekejaman di IndonesiaLinton, S201093
International Expert Framework on International Criminal Procedure - ''Towards Codification of General Rules and Principles of International Criminal Procedure’Linton, S201074
Post Conflict Justice in AsiaLinton, S201079
Completing the Circle: Accountability for the Crimes of the 1971 Bangladesh War of LiberationLinton, S201073
Bangladesh and the prosecution of international crimes from the 1971 war of independence from PakistanLinton, S201094
East Timor's Special Panel for Serious Crimes (Contributions to Chapter 2 on International Criminal Tribunal and Mixed Model) and Indonesia's Ad Hoc Court for Human Rights (Chapter 3 on National Prosecutions for International Crimes).Linton, S200992
The International Judge in an age of multiple courts and tribunalsLinton, S; Tiba, FK200996
Dealing with the legacies of the past: thoughts on the way forwardLinton, S2009119
Commentary on the ICTR case of Prosecutor v. KamuhandaLinton, S2009117
The Special Panel for Serious Crimes in East TimorLinton, S200981
ASEAN states, their reservations to human rights treaties and the proposed ASEAN commission on women and childrenLinton, S2008173
The Democracy Debate in Hong KongLinton, S2008104
Putting Cambodia’s Extraordinary Chambers into ContextLinton, S2008137
Accounting for Atrocities in IndonesiaLinton, S2007156
Safeguarding the Independence and Integrity of the Cambodian Extraordinary ChambersLinton, S200672
Putting Things Into Perspective: The Realities of Accountability in East Timor, Indonesia and CambodiaLinton, S200695
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