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Chinese middle cosntructions [i.e. constructions] : lexical middle formationXiong, Jiajuan; 熊佳娟201315
Africans in China: Communication strategies in a multilingual market placeBodomo, AB201246
Africans in China: a new territory for area and global studies?Bodomo, AB201252
Language matters: the role of linguistic identity in the establishment of the Lusophone African community in MacauBodomo, AB; Teixeira e Silva, R201286
Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and Its Implications on Africa-China RelationsBodomo, AB201284
Prosodic parameters in multilingual acquisition of EnglishDimitrova, Vesela Dimitrova.201240
The syntax of the ti construction in Tunxi HuiLu, Wen; 陸文2012219
We are what we eat: food in the process of community formation and identity shaping among African traders in Guangzhou and YiwuBodomo, A; Ma, E2012141
The syntax-semantics interface of resultative constructions in Mandarin Chinese and CantoneseChow, Pui-lun.; 周佩倫.2012149
Event structure and grammarBodomo, AB2011107
The acquisition of English articles by Mandarin-speaking learners: an optimality-theoretic syntax accountHu, Yuxiu, Lucille.; 胡玉秀.2011366
Thought, language origin, and the Saussurean concept of linguistic signYeung, Hiu-lam.; 楊曉霖.2011108
Strategies for enhancing and evaluating interactivity in web-based learning and teachingBodomo, A2010134
Relativization in Dàgáárè and its typological implications: Left-headed but internally-headedBodomo, A; Hiraiwa, K2010231
On the verb phrase in Qinzhou Zhuang: an LFG analysis of serial verb constructionsPan, Yanhong.; 潘艳红.2010484
A phonological study of the tone-melody correspondence in Cantonese pop musicHo, Wing-see, Vincie.; 何詠詩.201044
L1 influence on Cantonese as a second language among adult Putonghua-speaking learners in Hong KongLau, Mung-ha; 劉夢霞201048
Documentation and revitalization of the Zhuang language and culture of southwestern China through linguistic fieldworkBodomo, A201066
The African trading community in Guangzhou: An emerging bridge for Africa-China relationsBodomo, A2010632
Africa-China relations: Symmetry, soft power and South AfricaBodomo, A2009206
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