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The effect of managerial education and firm-ownership structure: Empirical evidence from Chinese listed firmsKong, VX; Zhang, J201050
The Financial and Operating Performance of Chinese Family-Owned Listed FirmsDing, Y; Zhang, H; Zhang, J200844
Is earnings surprise the real king?: post-earnings announcement drifton the Hong Kong stock marketZhao, Wenli; 趙文利2008352
Distress risk and value premium: evidence from JapanXu, Jin; 徐瑾2008278
Endogenous markups, intensity of competition, and persistence of business cyclesZhang, J200738
Private vs state ownership and earnings management: Evidence from Chinese listed companiesDing, Y; Zhang, H; Zhang, J200767
Searching for the motives and effectiveness of Chinese mergers and acquisitionsWang, Xiaokun; 王曉坤2007405
An empirical study on corporate governance and market valuation in ChinaBai, CE; Liu, Q; Lu, J; Song, FM; Zhang, J2006202
Securities transaction tax and market volatilitySong, FM; Zhang, J2005136
An empirical analysis of corporate governance in ChinaBai, C; Liu, Q; Lu, JZ; Song, FM; Zhang, JJ2005387
Corporate governance and market valuation in ChinaBai, CE; Liu, Q; Lu, J; Song, FM; Zhang, J2004104
Corporate Governance, Securities Market and Banking ReformPing, X; Song, FM; Zhang, JJ2003135
Transitional dynamics and indeterminacy of equilibria in an endogenous growth model with a public inputPalivos, T; Yip, CK; Zhang, J200346
Corporate Governance and Protection of the Minority Shareholder Rights in ChinaSong, FM; Bai, C; Lu, JZ; Liu, Q; Zhang, JJ2003183
Market structure and fiscal policy effectivenessMolana, H; Zhang, J200146
The effects of inflation on the number of firms and firm sizeWu, Y; Zhang, J200151
Bequest motives, social security, and economic growthZhang, J; Zhang, J200160
Public services, increasing returns, and equilibrium dynamicsZhang, J200072
Monopolistic competition, increasing returns to scale, and the welfare costs of inflationWu, Y; Zhang, J200047
Endogenous markups and the effects of income taxation: Theory and evidence from OECD countriesWu, Y; Zhang, J200055
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