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The impact of income on democracy revisitedChe, Y; Lu, Y; Tao, Z; Wang, P201395
Do institutions not matter in China? Evidence from manufacturing enterprisesLu, Y; Png, IPL; Tao, Z201369
Contracting institutions and vertical integration: Evidence from China's manufacturing firmsDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2012111
Bank loans vs. Trade credit;Evidence from ChinaDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z201293
Do domestic and foreign exporters differ in learning by exporting? Evidence from ChinaDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z; Yu, L2012100
Institutions and FDI location choice: The role of cultural distancesDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z201279
Outsourcing, Product Quality, and Contract EnforcementLu, Y; Ng, T; Tao, Z2012116
Exporting behavior of foreign affiliates: Theory and evidenceLu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2010108
Corrigendum to Contract enforcement and family control of business: Evidence from China [J. Comp. Econ. 37 (2009) 597-609]Lu, Y; Tao, Z201036
Union effects on performance and employment relations: Evidence from ChinaLu, Y; Tao, Z; Wang, Y201078
Bi-sourcing in the global economyDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2009165
Hold Your Enemies Closer: In Search of Positive Impacts of Horizontal Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic FirmsLu, Y; Ni, J; Tao, Z200991
Contract enforcement and family control of business: Evidence from ChinaLu, Y; Tao, Z2009102
Geographic concentration and vertical disintegration: Evidence from ChinaLi, B; Lu, Y2009169
Excludable public goods: Pricing and social welfare maximizationBai, CE; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2009204
Property Rights Protection and Firm Diversification: Evidence from ChinaDu, JULAN; Lu, Y; Tao, Z200990
Happiness and Development: The Effect of Mental Well-being on Economic GrowthLi, BEN; Lu, Y2009113
FDI location choice: Agglomeration vs institutionsDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2008172
Institutions and FDI Location Choice: the Role of Institutional and Cultural DistancesDu, J; Lu, Y; Tao, Z2008101
Vertical Specialization and Firm PerformanceLu, Y; Tao, Z2008108
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