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Social capital, lineage and in situ urbanization, the case of "villages within city", Shenzhen, ChinaLiu, Weibin; 刘卫斌201341
From associations to info-sociations : civic environmentalism and information communication technologies in three Asian tiger citiesSadoway, David201338
Spatial practice, conceived space and lived space: Hong Kong's 'Piers saga' through the Lefebvrian lensNg, MK; Tang, WS; Lee, J; Leung, D2010198
Developing strategically competitive citiesNg, MK; Hui, LH2010125
Our aspiration for the Harbourfront Commission and beyondNg, MK2010121
Conference report: Why can't the future be more like the past? The 23rd AESOP Congress, Liverpool, 2009Ng, MK2010123
Developing strategically competitive cityNg, MK2010123
'Kainos' renewal: sustainable urban regeneration by collaborative community effortsNg, MK2010193
Political economy and public health governance: a comparative study of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwanfrom the 19th century to 2000sHui, Lai-hang.; 許禮亨.2010125
Protection of the Harbour Ordinance: past and futureNg, MK; Zimmerman, P2010176
Place-making battlefields: three empty reclaimed sites in Victoria HarbourNg, MK2010183
A bumpy path towards collaborative planning - but we made It! reminiscing the HER project and the pet gardenLeung, LY; Ng, MK2010117
Social capital and urban regeneration in Chinese historic cities: a case study of Xi'anZhai, Binqing.; 翟斌庆.2010165
Politics of place making in Asia's world city: 168 years of harbor reclamation in Hong KongNg, MK2010179
Heritage conservation in China's "instant city" - ShenzhenLiu, W; Ng, MK2009278
Urban regeneration concepts and urban development realities in ChinaZhai, B; Ng, MK2009259
Participation and mode of governance: an East Asian perspectiveNg, MK2009378
Tales from two Chinese cities: The dragon's awakening to conservation in face of growth?Ng, MK2009365
Evidences that demand a verdict: place-making battles in Asia’s world cityNg, MK2009277
Beyond Hong Kong 2030: a short commentary on HK2030 and SZ2030Ng, MK2008174
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