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University students' learning approaches and outcomes : impact of perceptions of course learning environment and achievement goalsTai, Mui; 戴玫201313
Transition, induction and goal achievement: First-year experiences of Hong Kong undergraduatesWebster, BJ; Yang, M2012165
Travelling a thousand miles: Hong Kong Chinese students' study abroad experienceYang, M; Webster, B; Prosser, M2011162
Successful learning experiences and learning outcomes for students in hospitality and tourism management programsChing, L; Webster, B; Yang, M201178
Students as future leaders and morally responsible citizens in a multicultural worldYang, M; Chau, AWL; Webster, B201177
A comparison of learning experience of Mainland Chinese postgraduate student at Mainland China and New Zealand universitiesZeng, M; Shulruf, B; Webster, BJ2011119
Encountering with differences and constructing the moral self: experiences of Hong Kong volunteering studentsYang, M; Webster, BJ; Chau, AWL201184
Development and validation of questionnaires on postgraduate learning experiences in the Hong Kong contextZeng, M; Webster, BJ2011113
Examining students’ research experiences with the Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ) in a Hong Kong UniversityZeng, M; Webster, BJ2010149
Conceptualising graduate attributes and what they mean for undergraduates in Hong KongWebster, BJ; Chan, WSC2010108
Research experience at a Hong Kong university: a comparison between Mainland Chinese students and Hong Kong local studentsZeng, M; Webster, BJ2010115
Developing the sense of moral self through volunteering: experiences of Hong Kong undergraduatesYang, M; Webster, BJ; Chau, AWL201096
Assessing the research experience of postgraduate student at a Hong Kong universityZeng, LM; Webster, BJ2010170
Influence of PBL on students learning strategies and learning outcomesWebster, BJ; Chan, WSC2009111
Undergraduates' learning experience and learning process: Quantitative evidence from the EastWebster, BJ; Chan, WSC; Prosser, MT; Watkins, DA2009187
Measuring language learning environments in secondary science classroomsWebster, BJ; Hazari, A2009101
Contact reduces transprejudice: A study on attitudes towards transgenderism and transgender civil rights in hong kongKing, ME; Winter, S; Webster, B2009426
First year transition experiences and effects on student outcomesWebster, BJ; Chan, WSC200980
A case-control study evaluating the effectiveness of an extended induction programme in a fully-integrated PBL curriculum.Bridges, SM; McGrath, CPJ; Dyson, JE; Leung, WK; Webster, BJ2009134
Venturing into a culturally diverse world: Hong Kong university students’ experiences and learning outcomes of international educationYang, M; Webster, BJ; Prosser, MT2009106
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