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Melamine-tainted milk product-associated urinary stones in childrenWang, Z; Luo, H; Tu, W; Yang, H; Wong, WHS; Wong, WT; Yung, KF; Zhou, N; Zhang, J; Li, X; Wang, Z; Guo, W; Mu, D; Li, F; Mao, M; Lau, YL2011217
Syntheses, characterizations and theoretical calculations of rhodium(III) 1,2-naphthoquinone-1-oxime complexesLiu, YN; Liang, WZ; Sang, XG; Huo, YQ; SzeTo, L; Yung, KF; Liu, XX201060
Synthesis and catalytic studies of uniform Os & Os-Pd nanoparticles supported on MWNTsYung, KF; Wong, WT2007115
Synthesis and structure of a novel Pd(0)-Pd(IV)-Pd(IV)-Pd(0) mixed-valence complexWong, WK; Liang, H; Yung, MY; Guo, JP; Yung, KF; Wong, WT; Edwards, PG2004145
[{N(PPh3)2}2{Os18 Pd3(μ6-C)2(CO)42}]: An osmium-palladium mixed-metal highnuclearity carbonyl clusterYung, KF; Wong, WT200365
Synthesis and characterization of silver(I) complexes [AgL] 2[BF4]2 and [Ag(OAc)L]∞ [L = (CH2NHCOC2H4PPh2)2]Li, Y; Yung, KF; Chan, HS; Wong, WT; Wong, WK; Tse, MC200367
Synthesis and crystal structures of copper(I) iodide complexes chelating with bis(ethylamidophosphine)Li, Y; Yung, KF; Chan, HS; Wong, WT2003165
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