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Molecular characterization of prolactin receptor (cPRLR) gene in chickens: gene structure, tissue expression, promoter analysis, and its interaction with chicken prolactin (cPRL) and prolactin-like protein (cPRL-L)Bu, G; Wang, Y; Cai, G; Leung, FCC; Xu, M; Wang, H; Huang, G; Wang, Y201329
Molecular characterization of prostaglandin F receptor (FP) and E receptor subtype 3 (EP 3) in chickensKwok, AHY; Wang, Y; Leung, FC201279
Molecular characterization of prostaglandin F receptor (FP) and E receptor subtype 1 (EP 1) in zebrafishKwok, AHY; Wang, Y; Leung, FC201248
Identification of the receptors for prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) and Carassius RFamide peptide (C-RFa) in chickensWang, Y; Wang, CY; Wu, Y; Huang, G; Li, J; Leung, FC2012135
Characterization of chicken secretin (SCT) and secretin receptor (SCTR) genes: A novel secretin-like peptide (SCT-LP) and secretin encoded in a single geneWang, Y; Huang, G; Li, J; Meng, F; He, X; Leung, FC2012174
Identification and characterization of the chicken galanin receptor GalR2 and a novel GalR2-like receptor (GalR2-L)Ho, JCW; Jacobs, T; Wang, Y; Leung, FC201254
Characterization of the chicken galanin type I receptor (GalR1) and a novel GalR1-like receptor (GalR1-L)Ho, JCW; Kwok, AHY; Zhao, D; Wang, Y; Leung, FC2011169
A novel prolactin-like protein (PRL-L) gene in chickens and zebrafish: Cloning and characterization of its tissue expressionWang, Y; Li, J; Yan Kwok, AH; Ge, W; Leung, FC2010203
Characterization of the receptors for chicken GHRH and GHRH-related peptides: Identification of a novel receptor for GHRH and the receptor for GHRH-LP (PRP)Wang, Y; Li, J; Wang, CY; Kwok, AY; Zhang, X; Leung, FC201052
Characterization Of The Receptors For GHRHAnd GHRH-related Peptides: Identification Of A Novel Receptor For GHRH And The Receptor For GHRH-LP (PRP).Wang, Y; Li, J; Wang, CY; Kwok, HYA; Zhang, X; Leung, FCC2009159
Molecular cloning and characterization of chicken prostaglandin E receptor subtypes 2 and 4 (EP2 and EP4)Kwok, AHY; Wang, Y; Wang, CY; Leung, FC2008153
Cloning, tissue distribution, and functional characterization of chicken glucagon receptorWang, J; Wang, Y; Li, X; Li, J; Leung, FC2008172
Adaptive changes in the transcription factor HoxA-11 are essential for the evolution of pregnancy in mammalsLynch, VJ; Tanzer, A; Wang, Y; Leung, FC; Gellersen, B; Emera, D; Wagner, GP2008184
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor ligands in the chicken ovary: I. Evidence for heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) as a potential oocyte-derived signal to control granulosa cell proliferation and HB-EGF and kit ligand expressionWang, Y; Li, J; Wang, CY; Kwok, AHY; Leung, FC2007128
Cloning of chicken glucocorticoid receptor (GR) and characterization of its expression in pituitary and extrapituitary tissuesKwok, AHY; Wang, Y; Wang, CY; Leung, FC200747
Identification of two novel chicken GHRH receptor splice variants: Implications for the roles of aspartate 56 in the receptor activation and direct ligand-receptor interactionWang, CY; Wang, Y; Kwok, AHY; Leung, FC200797
2nd International Symposium on Animal Functional GenomicsWang, Y; Wang, Z; Li, J; Wang, Y; Leung, FCC2007156
Frequent epigenetic silencing of protocadherin 10 by methylation in multiple haematologic malignanciesYing, J; Gao, Z; Li, H; Srivastava, G; Murray, PG; Goh, HK; Lim, CY; Wang, Y; Marafioti, T; Mason, DY; Ambinder, RF; Chan, ATC; Tao, Q2007146
Identification of the endogenous ligands for chicken growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) receptor: Evidence for a separate gene encoding GHRH in submammalian vertebratesWang, Y; Li, J; Wang, CY; Kwok, AHY; Leung, FC200797
Database for chicken full-length cDNAsWang, Y; Wang, Z; Li, J; Wang, Y; Leung, FCC2007211
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