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Catalyst For Hydrogen Generation From Small Organic MoleculesChan, Kwong Yu; Cheng, Shao An; Tsang, Kwok Ying; Ting, Siu Wa; Van Der Laak, Nicole Kathleen2011183
Varying carbon structures templated from KIT-6 for optimum electrochemical capacitanceLi, F; van der Laak, N; Ting, SW; Chan, KY201090
Low activation energy dehydrogenation of formic acid at ambient temperature and pressureChan, KY; Ting, SW; Baby, J; Van Der Laak, NK; Cheng, S2010221
Multi-scale structuring of composite electrode materials for fuel cells and energy applicationsChan, GKY; van der Laak, NK; Li, F; Lam, YL; Ting, SW; Yang, C2009120
Highly thermal stable and highly crystalline anatase TiO 2 for photocatalysisLi, W; Bai, Y; Liu, C; Yang, Z; Feng, X; Lu, X; Van Der Laak, NK; Chan, KY2009254
Low activation energy dehydrogenation of aqueous formic acid on platinum-ruthenium-bismuth oxide at near ambient temperature and pressureTing, SW; Cheng, S; Tsang, KY; Van Der Laak, N; Chan, KY2009102
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