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Temporal variation in airborne microbial populations and microbially-derived allergens in a tropical urban landscapeWOO, AC; BRAR, MS; Chan, YK; Lau, MCY; Leung, FCC; Scott, JA; Vrijmoed, LLP; Zawar-Reza, P; Pointing, SB201340
Patterns of nucleotide diversity of the ldpa circadian gene in closely related species of cyanobacteria from extreme cold desertsNg, KW; Pointing, SB; Dvornyk, V201366
Microbial ecology of arid environmentsHa, Kong-ying; 夏江瀛201359
Evidence of species recruitment and development of hot desert hypolithic communitiesMakhalanyane, TP; Valverde, A; Lacap-Bugler, DC; Pointing, SB; Tuffin, MI; Cowan, DA201231
Abiotic factors influence microbial diversity in permanently cold soil horizons of a maritime-associated Antarctic Dry ValleyStomeo, F; Makhalanyane, TP; Valverde, A; Pointing, SB; Stevens, MI; Cary, CS; Tuffin, MI; Cowan, DA2012120
Hypolithic microbial communities: Between a rock and a hard placeChan, Y; Lacap, DC; Lau, MCY; Ha, KY; WarrenRhodes, KA; Cockell, CS; Cowan, DA; Mckay, CP; Pointing, SB201275
Molecular ecology of chasmoendolithic environments in Miers Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys, AntarcticaYung, Cheuk-man.; 容卓敏.2012210
Low-diversity fungal assemblage in an Antarctic Dry Valleys soilRao, S; Chan, Y; Lacap, DC; Hyde, KD; Pointing, SB; Farrell, RL2012285
Erratum: Microbial colonization and controls in dryland systems (Nature Reviews Microbiology (2012) 10 (551-562))Pointing, SB; Belnap, J201253
Microbial colonization and controls in dryland systemsPointing, SB; Belnap, J2012142
Molecular microbial ecology of Mars-like environments on earth, for application in astrobiologyChan, Wai, Olivia.; 陳卉.2012197
Hypolithic microbial communities of quartz rocks from Miers Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys, AntarcticaKhan, N; Tuffin, M; Stafford, W; Cary, C; Lacap, DC; Pointing, SB; Cowan, D201186
A historical overview of the Pavilion Lake Research Project-Analog science and exploration in an underwater environmentLim, DSS; Brady, AL; Abercromby, AF; Andersen, DT; Andersen, M; Arnold, RR; Bird, JS; Bohm, HR; Booth, L; Cady, SL; Cardman, Z; Chan, AM; Chan, O; Chénard, C; Cowie, BR; Davila, A; Deans, MC; Dearing, W; Delaney, M; Downs, M; Fong, T; Forrest, A; Gernhardt, ML; Gutsche, JR; Hadfield, C; Hamilton, A; Hansen, J; Hawes, I; Heaton, J; Imam, Y; Laval, BL; Lees, D; Leoni, L; Looper, C; Love, S; Marinova, MM; Mccombs, D; Mckay, CP; Mireau, B; Mullins, G; Nebel, SH; Nuytten, P; Pendery, R; Pike, W; Pointing, SB; Pollack, J; Raineault, N; Reay, M; Reid, D; Sallstedt, T; SchulzeMakuch, D; Seibert, M; Shepard, R; Slater, GF; Stonehouse, J; Sumner, DY; Suttle, CA; Trembanis, A; Turse, C; Wilhelm, M; Wilkinson, N; Williams, D; Winget, DM; Winter, C201198
Biogeography of prokaryotesLacap-Bugler, DC; Lau, MCY; Pointing, SB201124
Non-indigenous microorganisms in the Antarctic: Assessing the risksCowan, DA; Chown, SL; Convey, P; Tuffin, M; Hughes, K; Pointing, S; Vincent, WF201161
Nucleotide diversity of the circadian genes in cyanobacteria from differernt [i.e. different] stressful habitatsNg, Ka-wai; 吳嘉慧2011265
Environmental genomic analysis of refuge habitats in hyper-arid desertsChan, Yu-ki.; 陳裕琪.2011188
Ancient origins determine global biogeography of hot and cold desert cyanobacteriaBahl, J; Lau, MCY; Smith, GJD; Vijaykrishna, D; Cary, SC; Lacap, DC; Lee, CK; Papke, RT; Warren-Rhodes, KA; Wong, FKY; McKay, CP; Pointing, SB2011114
Stochastic and deterministic processes interact in the assembly of desert microbial communities on a global scaleCaruso, T; Chan, Y; Lacap, DC; Lau, MCY; Mckay, CP; Pointing, SB201170
Cyanobacteria and chloroflexi-dominated hypolithic colonization of quartz at the hyper-arid core of the Atacama Desert, ChileLacap, DC; Warren-Rhodes, KA; McKay, CP; Pointing, SB2011158
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