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Structure and photophysical properties of new trinuclear lanthanide complexes (Ln = Eu and Tb) with 1,10-phenanthrolineWong, KL; Zhu, YM; Yang, YY; Law, GL; Fan, HH; Tanner, PA; Wong, WT2009437
A two-photon europium complex as specific endoplasmic reticulum probeLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Man, CW; Tsao, SW; Wong, WT2009423
Functionalized europium nanorods for in vitro imagingWong, KL; Law, GL; Murphy, MB; Tanner, PA; Wong, WT; Lam, PKS; Lam, MHW2008146
Synthesis, crystal structures, and luminescence of organic-lanthanide complexes with nicotinate and isonicotinate ligandsJia, G; Law, GL; Wong, KL; Tanner, PA; Wong, WT2008187
Emissive terbium probe for multiphoton in vitro cell imagingLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Man, CWY; Wong, WT; Tsao, SW; Lam, MHW; Lam, PKS2008169
Molecular switching in the Near Infrared (NIR) to visible/NIR f-f emission with a functional-lanthanide complexesLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Yang, YY; Yang, HL; Wong, WT; Lam, MHW; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW2008161
Terbium luminescence sensitized through three-photon excitation in a self-assembled unlinked antennaLaw, GL; Kwok, WM; Wong, WT; Wong, KL; Tanner, PA2007127
Structural characterization of shielded isomeric europium complexes with metal-metal contactLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Yang, YY; Yi, QY; Jia, G; Wong, WT; Tanner, PA2007122
Effective multi-photon absorption properties in solutions of pyridinium salt lasing dyesFan, HH; Wu, KS; Wang, HZ; Tian, YP; Law, GL; Wong, KL; Wong, WT2007120
Synthesis, crystal structures, and photophysical properties of lanthanide complexes containing pyrrole-derivatized carboxylate ligandsLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Lau, KK; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW; Wong, WT2007169
Fast water-exchange Gd3+-(DO3A-like) complex functionalized with Aza-15-crown-5 showing prolonged residence lifetime in vivoLi, C; Li, YX; Law, GL; Man, K; Wong, WT; Lei, H2006166
A highly porous luminescent terbium-organic framework for reversible anion sensingWong, KL; Law, GL; Yang, YY; Wong, WT2006126
Simultaneous observation of green multiphoton upconversion and red and blue NLO processes from polymeric terbium(III) complexesWong, KL; Law, GL; Kwok, WM; Wong, WT; Phillips, DL2005144
Luminescent Tb3+ complex with pendant crown ether showing dual-component recognition of H+ and K+ at multiple pH windowsLi, C; Law, GL; Wong, WT2004167
2,4-Dioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine-5-carboxylic acid monohydrateLaw, GL; Szeto, L; Wong, WT2004213
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