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Flat band electrons and interactions in rhombohedral trilayer grapheneWang, H; Gao, J; Zhang, F201322
Layer antiferromagnetic state in bilayer graphene: A first-principles investigationWang, Y; Wang, H; Gao, J; Zhang, F201337
Theory for charge and orbital density-wave states in manganite La0.5Sr1.5MnO4Yao, Z; Chen, W; Gao, J; Jiang, H; Zhang, F201343
Possible half-metallic phase in bilayer graphene: Calculations based on mean-field theory applied to a two-layer Hubbard modelYuan, J; Xu, DH; Wang, H; Zhou, Y; Gao, J; Zhang, F201321
Edge superconducting correlation in the attractive-U Kane-Mele-Hubbard modelYuan, J; Gao, JH; Chen, WQ; Ye, F; Zhou, Y; Zhang, FC2012108
Stacking order, interaction, and weak surface magnetism in layered graphene sheetsXu, DH; Yuan, J; Yao, Z; Zhou, Y; Gao, J; Zhang, F201247
Resistive switching and threshold switching behaviors in La 0.1Bi 0.9Fe 1-xCo xO 3 ceramicsWang, SY; Liu, WF; Gao, J; Qiu, X; Feng, Y; Hou, XG; Yu, DS; Li, DJ2012112
Magnetic and transport properties of Pr 0.7Sr 0.3MnO 3/La 0.5Ca 0.5MnO 3/Pr 0.7Sr 0.3MnO 3 trilayersWang, HO; Dai, P; Liu, H; Tan, WS; Xu, F; Wu, XS; Jia, QJ; Hu, GJ; Gao, J201280
Suppression of photoconductivity by magnetic field in epitaxial manganite thin filmsGuo, EJ; Wang, L; Lu, HB; Guo, HZ; He, M; Jin, KJ; Yang, GZ; Gao, J2012178
Giant mesoscopic spin hall effect on the surface of topological insulatorGao, JH; Yuan, J; Chen, WQ; Zhou, Y; Zhang, FC2011608
Anderson impurity in a helical metalFeng, XY; Chen, WQ; Gao, JH; Wang, QH; Zhang, FC2010546
In-plane noncollinear exchange coupling mediated by helical edge states in quantum spin Hall systemsGao, J; Chen, W; Xie, XC; Zhang, FC2009172
Magnetic field effects on quantum-dot spin valvesGao, JH; Sun, QF; Xie, XC200963
Quantum coherence effect in spin-polarized transport through nano-magnetsGao, J; Sun, Q; Xie, XC200868
Measuring the phonon-assisted spectral function by using a nonequilibrium three-terminal single-molecular deviceSong, J; Sun, QF; Gao, J; Xie, XC200753
Band structure effects on one-dimensional resonant tunneling in STM tips made of carbon nanotubesGao, J; Sun, Q; Xie, XC; Gao, H200679
Detection of malingering behavior using functional MRILee, TMC; Liu, HL; Tan, LH; Chan, C; Feng, CM; Hou, JW; Fox, PT; Gao, JH2001147
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