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The comparison of psychological adjustment of patients with cleft lip and palate after maxillary distraction osteogenesis and conventional orthognathic surgeryChua, HDP; Ho, SMY; Cheung, LK201256
Hope-based intervention for individuals susceptible to colorectal cancer: a pilot studyHo, SMy; Ho, JWc; Pau, BKy; Hui, BPh; Wong, RSm; Chu, ATw2012118
Resilience, growth, and distress after a traumatic experienceHo, MY2011123
Relationships between explanatory style, posttraumatic growth and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among Chinese breast cancer patientsHo, SMY; Chan, MWY; Yau, TK; Yeung, RMW2011122
A Grief Therapy Model For Bereaved Individuals After Major DisastersHo, MY; Chow, AYM201196
The roles of hope and optimism on posttraumatic growth in oral cavity cancer patientsHo, S; Rajandram, RK; Chan, N; Samman, N; McGrath, C; Zwahlen, RA2011202
Interaction of hope and optimism with anxiety and depression in a specific group of cancer survivors: A preliminary studyRajandram, RK; Ho, SMY; Samman, N; Chan, N; McGrath, C; Zwahlen, RA2011139
Factor structure of the multidimensional orientation toward dying and death inventory among Hong Kong college students: A preliminary studyWittkowski, J; Ho, SMY; Chan, WCH2011121
The valence of attentional bias and cancer-related rumination in posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth among women with breast cancerChan, MWC; Ho, SMY; Tedeschi, RG; Leung, CWL2011161
The relationships between character strengths and well-being status ofcollege studentsBai, Yu; 白羽2011528
The development of a strength-focused mutual support group for caretakers of children with cerebral palsyFung, BKK; Ho, SMY; Fung, ASM; Leung, EYP; Chow, SP; Ip, WY; Ha, KWY; Barlaan, PIG2011162
Posttraumatic growth in Chinese cultureHo, MY; Bai, Y2010100
Universal happinessHo, MY2010109
Clinical intervention based on positive psychology: what is it and how to do it?Ho, S2010345
Cognitive processing styles and self-perceived positive changes in psycho- oncologyHo, S201091
Across culture and health systems: Asia (Hong Kong)Ho, JWC; Ho, MY; Chu, ATW201081
The efficacy of the Chinese version of coping cat model for anxiety disorder in Hong Kong: a preliminary studyHo, MY; Cheung, CYA; Lai, J; Kendal, PC2010153
Psoriasis, its two labels in Chinese and its psychological impactsCheung, Tat, Boris.; 張達.2010393
The effects of rumination and depressive symptoms on the prediction of negative attributional style among college studentsLo, CSL; Ho, SMY; Hollon, SD2010295
Hope-Oriented Parents Education (H.O.P.E.) for families in Hong KongHo, SMY; Chak, YTC; Ip, YF; Wong, CPY2010104
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