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Negative affectLeung, SSK; Lee, AM201431
Health outcomesLee, AM; Leung, SSK201428
Building life-long learning capacity in undergraduate nursing freshmen within an integrative and small group learning contextChiang, VCL; Leung, SSK; Chui, CYY; Leung, AYM; Mak, YW201377
Physical activity for cancer survivors: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.Fong, DY; Ho, JW; Hui, BP; Lee, AM; Macfarlane, DJ; Leung, SS; Cerin, E; Chan, WY; Leung, IP; Lam, SH; Taylor, AJ; Cheng, KK2012277
The application of family-nursing assessment skills: From classroom to hospital ward among final-year nursing undergraduates in Hong KongLee, ACK; Leung, SSK; Mak, YW2012201
Service learning in medical and nursing training: A randomized controlled trialLeung, AYM; Chan, SSC; Kwan, CW; Cheung, MKT; Leung, SSK; Fong, DYT2012233
Paternal depression and anxiety: risk factorsand adverse impact on infant temperament and developmentTing, Yan-yan.; 丁茵茵.2012168
Efficacy of a brief cognitive-behavioral intervention on pregnant women to prevent postnatal depressionLeung, SSK; Wong, DFK; Lam, SK; Lee, AM; Chiang, VCL2011107
Family nursing in Hong Kong: education, practice and researchLeung, SSK201173
Guideline on antenatal perineal massage for nulliparous to reduce perineal traumaWong, LK; Leung, SSK2011203
Experience of lifestyle changes among colorectal cancer survivors after diagnosis and treatmentLeung, SSK; Lee, AM; Ho, JWC; Cheng, KK; Macfarlane, DJ; Fong, DYT; Leung, IPF; Lam, SHS; Taylor, AJ; Cerin, E; Chan, W2011103
Group Antenatal Preventive Intervention for Postnatal DepressionLeung, SSK; Lee, AM; Wong, DFK; Chiang, VCL; Lam, SK; Yung, C2011119
Work-related stress among pregnant women with depressive symptomsLeung, SSK; Lee, AM; Chiang, VCL; Ngai, FW201190
Need assessment on lifestyle modification intervention for colorectal cancer survivorsLeung, SSK; Lee, AM; Ho, JWC; Cheng, KK; Macfarlane, DJ; Fong, DYT; Leung, IPF; Lam, SHS; Taylor, AJ; Cerin, E; Chan, W2011124
Feasibility and potentials of online support for stress management among secondary school teachersLeung, SSK; Chiang, VCL; Chui, YY; Lee, ACK; Mak, YW2011283
A brief cognitive-behavioral stress management program for secondary school teachersLeung, SSK; Chiang, VCL; Chui, YY; Mak, YW; Wong, DFK2011280
Evidence-Based Guideline on intermittent catheterizationChan, H; Leung, SSK201196
Outcome-based education in a community public health course of a baccalaureate nursing programme: Brief Findings.Chiang, VCL; Mak, YW; Leung, SSK; Leung, AYM; Chan, SL201096
Efficacy of a brief teachers’ stress management program using a cognitive-behavioral approachChiang, VCL; Leung, SSK; Mak, YW; Chui, YY; Wong, DFK2010100
Physical Activity Intervention inHo, JWC; Hui, B; Fong, DYT; Macfarlane, DJ; Lee, AM; Leung, SSK; Cerin, E; Chan, W; Leung, I; Lam, S; Taylor, AJ; Cheng, KK2010100
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