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EGFR array: Uses in the detection of plasma EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer patientsYam, I; Lam, DCL; Chan, K; Ho, JCM; Ip, M; Lam, WK; Chan, TK; Chan, V2012126
A comprehensive HBV array for the detection of HBV mutants and genotypeChan, K; Yam, I; Yuen, J; Yuen, MF; Lai, CL; Alexander, GJ; Chan, TK; Chan, V2011184
Hepatitis b variants with reduced sensitivity to therapeutic compounds, their detection and uses thereofChan Kaimin; Chan, VNY; Lai, CL; Yuen, Manfung2011162
Detection of paternal alleles in maternal plasma for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of β-thalassemia: A feasibility study in southern ChineseChan, K; Yam, I; Leung, KY; Tang, M; Chan, TK; Chan, V2010102
Hepatitis B variants with reduced sensitivity to therapeutic compounds, their detection and uses thereofChan Kaimin; Chan, VNY; Lai, CL; Yuen Man Fung2009122
The prevalence and molecular basis of hemoglobinopathies in CambodiaCarnley, BP; Prior, JF; Gilbert, A; Lim, E; Devenish, R; Sing, H; Sarin, E; Guhadasan, R; Sullivan, SG; Wise, CA; Bittles, AH; Chan, K; Wong, MS; Chan, V; Erber, WN2006136
Protection from mitochondrial complex II inhibition in vitro and in vivo by Nrf2-mediated transcriptionCalkins, MJ; Jakel, RJ; Johnson, DA; Chan, K; Yuen, WK; Johnson, JA2005246
Detection of known haemophilia B mutations and carrier testing by microarrayChan, K; Sasanakul, W; Mellars, G; Chuansumrit, A; Perry, D; Lee, CA; Wong, MS; Chan, TK; Chan, V2005216
Microarray and diagnosis of thalassemia and haemophilia BChan, K; Chan, VNY2004102
A thalassaemia array for Southeast AsiaChan, K; Wong, MS; Chan, TK; Chan, V200493
Targeted disruption of Nrf2 causes regenerative immune-mediated hemolytic anemiaLee, JM; Chan, K; Kan, YW; Johnson, JA2004277
Identification of the NF-E2-related factor-2-dependent genes conferring protection against oxidative stress in primary cortical astrocytes using oligonucleotide microarray analysisLee, JM; Calkins, MJ; Chan, K; Kan, YW; Johnson, JA200392
Nrf2 transcription factor, a novel target of keratinocyte growth factor action which regulates gene expression and inflammation in the healing skin woundBraun, S; Hanselmann, C; Gassmann, MG; Auf dem Keller, UA; BornBerclaz, C; Chan, K; Kan, YW; Werner, S2002286
Cloning MafF by Recognition Site Screening with the NFE2 Tandem Repeat of HS2: Analysis of its Role in Globin and GCS1 Genes RegulationMarini, MG; Asunis, I; Brucchietti, A; Chan, K; Chan, JY; Kan, YW; Porcu, L; Cao, A; Moi, P200283
A comparative study on the efficacy of levofloxacin and ceftazidime in acute exacerbation of bronchiectasisTsang, KWT; Chan, WM; Ho, PL; Chan, K; Lam, WK; Ip, MSM199974
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