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以減少吸煙幫助戒煙:減煙份量和戒煙成功率的劑量反應 (abstract)Cheung, YTD; Lam, TH; Leung, YP; Abdullah, ASM; Wong-Taam, VCW; Hedley, AJ; Chan, SSC201329
Development of generic capabilities in teaching and learning environments at the associate degree levelLee, WSW; Leung, DYP; Lo, KCH201325
Predictors of Long-term Abstinence Among Chinese Smokers Following Treatment: The Role of Personality TraitsLeung, YP; Au, DWH; Lam, TH; Chan, SSC201326
The effectiveness of the Spiritual Enhancement Group for Chinese elders: evidence from a quasi-experimentLou, VWQ; Chan, CLY; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM; Dai, A; Leung, DYP201229
Change in prevalence of hardcore smokers after a comprehensive smoke-free legislation in Hong KongLeung, DYP; Chan, SSC; Chan, CW; Lam, TH2012108
A randomized controlled trial of stage-matched intervention for smoking cessation in cardiac out-patientsChan, SSC; Leung, DYP; Wong, DCN; Lau, CP; Wong, VT; Lam, TH2012170
Breast and colorectal cancer screening and associated correlates among Chinese older womenLeung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Chi, I201291
A psychometric evaluation of a negative mood scale in the MDS-HC using a large sample of community-dwelling Hong Kong Chinese older adultsLeung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Chi, I2012239
Promoting smoking cessation in the community: results of a Quit to Win ContestChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Wong, CN; Lai, V; Lam, COB; Lam, TH2011107
Adherence to nicotine replacement therapy among Chinese smokers who had no intention to quit smokingChan, SSC; Wan, ZSF; Leung, DYP; Abdullah, ASM; Hedley, AJ; Lam, TH201194
Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding smoking cessation among Chinese affiliates of women's organisations in Hong KongLeung, DYP; Chan, SSC; Fu, ICY; Lam, TH2011127
Who are the youth smokers who phoned the Youth Quitline? A gender comparisonWong, DCN; Chan, SSC; Leung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Fong, DYT; Lam, DOB; Lam, TH2011136
A randomized controlled trial of a smoking reduction plus nicotine replacement therapy intervention for smokers not willing to quit smokingChan, SSC; Leung, DYP; Abdullah, ASM; Wong, VT; Hedley, AJ; Lam, TH2011138
Impact of the smokefree legislation on smoking behavior and attitudes of quitting among fathers with infants under 18-months in Hong Kong: a cross-sectional studyChan, SSC; Leung, DYP; Yau, JPL; Leung, AYM; Leung, GM; Emmons, K; Lam, TH201197
The Impact of the Smoke-free Legislation on Smoker's Behaviour: A Longitudinal Qualitative StudyChan, SSC; Ng, CSM; Leung, YP; Leung, GM; Lam, TH2011132
Effectiveness of promoting smoking cessation through the Quit to Win Contest in Hong Kong: The 6-month follow-up of a randomized controlled trialChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Wong, CN; Lai, V; Lam, TH2011128
Factor structure and gender invariance of the Chinese General Self-Efficacy Scale among soon-to-be-aged adultsLeung, DYP; Leung, AY2011158
Measuring transcednence among Chinese older adults: a spiritual approachLou, V; Chan, CLY; Leung, DYP; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM201178
New anti-smoking legislation on youth smoking and quitting behaviours via a smoking cessation hotlineChan, SSC; Leung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Lam, DOB; Fong, DYT; Lam, TH2011393
Comparing the effectiveness of face-to-face versus telephone cessation counseling in helping female smokers to quit in Hong KongWan, ZSF; Leung, DYP; Fu, ICY; Lam, TH; Chan, SSC2011134
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