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The application of family-nursing assessment skills: From classroom to hospital ward among final-year nursing undergraduates in Hong KongLee, ACK; Leung, SSK; Mak, YW2012200
Feasibility and potentials of online support for stress management among secondary school teachersLeung, SSK; Chiang, VCL; Chui, YY; Lee, ACK; Mak, YW2011283
Student nurses' experiences and challenges in providing health education in Hong KongChoi, WHH; Hui, GKH; Lee, ACK; Chui, MML201068
Online support for teachers’ stress management: feasibility and potentialsChiang, VCL; Leung, SSK; Chui, YY; Lee, ACK; Mak, YW2010139
Hong Kong, The United Nations International Crime Victim Survey: Final Report of the 2006 Hong Kong UNICVSBroadhurst, R; Bacon-Shone, JH; Bourhours, B; Lee, ACK; Zhong, LY2010403
The effect of alcohol drinking on erectile dysfunction in Chinese menLee, ACK; Ho, LM; Yip, AWC; Fan, S; Lam, TH2010173
Perceived level of knowledge and difficulty in applying family assessment among senior undergraduate nursing studentsLee, ACK; Leung, SO; Chan, PSL; Chung, JOK201078
Predictors of poststroke quality of life in older Chinese adultsLee, ACK; Tang, SW; Tsoi, TH; Fong, DYT; Yu, GKK200979
Interprofessional learning of nursing and medical students.Leung, SSK; Lee, ACK; Johnston, JM; Fong, DYT; Lam, TH; Chan, SSC200968
Nurses and family healthLee, ACK; Mak, YW; Kong, CHM200985
Depression literacy among Chinese stroke survivorsLee, ACK; Tang, SW; Leung, SSK; Yu, GKK; Cheung, RTF2009143
Occupational stress, mental health status and stress management behaviors among secondary school teachers in Hong KongLeung, SSK; Wah Mak, Y; Yu Chui, Y; Chiang, VCL; Lee, ACK2009206
Predictors of quality of life in Chinese stroke survivorsLee, ACK; Tang, SW; Tsoi, TH; Yu, GKK; Fong, DYT200995
Building capacity for life-long learning with freshmen students: Opportunities and the ongoing processChiang, VCL; Mak, YW; Leung, SSK; Chui, CYY; Leung, AYM; Lee, ACK200872
The smiley as a simple screening tool for depression after stroke: A preliminary studyLee, ACK; Tang, SW; Yu, GKK; Cheung, RTF200878
Depression literacy among older stroke survivors.Lee, ACK; Tang, SW; Leung, SSK200874
Relationship between depression literacy and helping seeking of older stroke survivorsLee, ACK; Huang, YQ; Tang, SW200887
Cognitive-behavioral program for reducing work-related stress and promoting mental health among secondary school teachers in Hong KongLeung, SSK; Mak, YW; Chui, YYC; Chiang, VCL; Lee, ACK2007123
Innovative Online Self-help Forums for Stress Management of Secondary School TeachersChui, YYC; Chiang, VCL; Leung, SSK; Mak, YW; Lee, ACK200796
Improving older adults' knowledge and practice of preventive measures through a telephone health education during the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong: A pilot studyChan, SSC; So, WKW; Wong, DCN; Lee, ACK; Tiwari, A2007101
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