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A prenatal case of split-hand malformation associated with 17p13.3 triplication – A dilemma in genetic counselingLuk, HM; Wong, VCH; Lo, IFM; Chan, YK; Lau, ETK; Kan, SYA; Tang, MHY; Tang, WF; She, WMK; Chu, WY; Sin, WK; Chung, BHY201420
Whole-Genome Array CGH Evaluation for Replacing Prenatal Karyotyping in Hong KongKan, SYA; Lau, ETK; Tang, WF; Chan, SSY; Ding, SCK; Chan, YK; Lee, CP; Hui, PW; Chung, BHY; Leung, KY; Ma, WLT; Leung, WC; Tang, MHY201428
Integration of chromosomal microarray into paediatric clinical care in Hong KongTao, QV; Chu, WY; Chan, YK; Lau, ETK; Mok, TKG; Tso, WYW; Liu, APY; Kan, SYA; Tang, MHY; Lau, YL; Chung, BHY201320
SpliceArray profiling of breast cancer reveals a novel variant of NCOR2/SMRT that is associated with tamoxifen resistance and control of ERα transcriptional activity.Zhang, L; Gong, C; Lau, SLY; Yang, N; Wong, OGW; Cheung, ANY; Tsang, JWH; Chan, KYK; Khoo, US201346
Evidence of spread of X chromosome inactivation on chromosome 15 in a girl with an unbalanced t(X;15) transolcationYEUNG, KS; Chee, WYY; Luk, HM; Tang, MHY; Lau, ETK; Shuen, YA; Lo, IFM; Chan, YK; Chung, BHY201328
Expanded Prader-Willi Syndrome Due to Chromosome 15q11.2-14 Deletion: Report and a Review of LiteratureLiu, APY; Tang, WF; Lau, ETK; Chan, YK; Kan, SYA; Wong, KY; Tso, WYW; Jalal, K; Lee, SL; Chau, CSK; Chung, BHY2013166
Identifying genetic mutations in patients with RASopathies using a new generation sequencing diagnostic pipeline in Hong KongLo, IFM; Leung, KC; Luk, HM; Tang, VHM; Gao, W; Wong, WL; Tang, LYF; Chu, WY; Kan, SYA; Tang, MHY; Lam, STS; Yang, W; Ma, CH; Jin, D; Chan, YK; Chung, BHY201314
22q11.2 deletion syndrome in adult Chinese patients with conotruncal anomalies: dysmorphisms, clinical features and under-diagnosisLiu, APY; Chow, PC; Lee, PPW; Mok, TKG; Tang, WF; Lau, ETK; Lam, STS; Chan, YK; Kan, SYA; Chau, AKT; Cheung, YF; Lau, YL; Chung, BHY201333
Regarding "co-expression of SNAIL and TWIST determines prognosis in estrogen receptor-positive early breast cancer patients"Yuen, HF; Zhang, SD; Wong, ASY; Mccrudden, CM; Huang, YH; Chan, KYK; ElTanani, M; Khoo, US201274
FOXO3a represses VEGF expression through FOXM1-dependent and -independent mechanisms in breast cancerKaradedou, CT; Gomes, AR; Chen, J; Petkovic, M; Ho, KK; Zwolinska, AK; Feltes, A; Wong, SY; Chan, KYK; Cheung, YN; Tsang, JWH; Brosens, JJ; Khoo, US; Lam, EWF2012194
A newborn with a 790 kb chromosome 17p13.3 microduplication presenting with aortic stenosis, microcephaly and dysmorphic facial features - Is cardiac assessment necessary for all patients with 17p13.3 microduplication?Ho, ACC; Liu, APY; Lun, KS; Tang, WF; Chan, KYK; Lau, EYT; Tang, MHY; Tan, TY; Chung, BHY201287
Genome-wide association study in east Asians identifies novel susceptibility loci for breast cancerLong, J; Cai, Q; Sung, H; Shi, J; Zhang, B; Choi, JY; Wen, W; Delahanty, RJ; Lu, W; Gao, YT; Shen, H; Park, SK; Chen, K; Shen, CY; Ren, Z; Haiman, CA; Matsuo, K; Kim, MK; Khoo, US; Iwasaki, M; Zheng, Y; Xiang, YB; Gu, K; Rothman, N; Wang, W; Hu, Z; Liu, Y; Yoo, KY; Noh, DY; Han, BG; Lee, MH; Zheng, H; Zhang, L; Wu, PE; Shieh, YL; Chan, SY; Wang, S; Xie, X; Kim, SW; Henderson, BE; Le Marchand, L; Ito, H; Kasuga, Y; Ahn, SH; Kang, HS; Chan, KYK; Iwata, H; Tsugane, S; Li, C; Shu, XO; Kang, DH; Zheng, W2012185
Pathway analyses identify TGFBR2 as potential breast cancer susceptibility gene: results from a consortium study among AsiansMa, X; Beeghly-Fadiel, A; Lu, W; Shi, J; Xiang, YB; Cai, Q; Shen, H; Shen, CY; Ren, Z; Matsuo, K; Khoo, US; Iwasaki, M; Long, J; Zhang, B; Ji, BT; Zheng, Y; Wang, W; Hu, Z; Liu, Y; Wu, PE; Shieh, YL; Wang, S; Xie, X; Ito, H; Kasuga, Y; Chan, KYK; Iwata, H; Tsugane, S; Gao, YT; Shu, XO; Moses, HL; Zheng, W201250
Array CGH testing in prenatal diagnosis: a promising new service with improved diagnostic yield and shortened reporting timeKan, ASY; Lau, ET; Tang, WF; Chan, SY; Ding, CK; Lee, CP; Hui, PW; Leung, KY; Ma, T; Leung, WC; Chan, YK; Tang, MHY2012100
Genome-wide association study identifies breast cancer risk variant at 10q21.2: Results from the asia breast cancer consortiumCai, Q; Long, J; Lu, W; Qu, S; Wen, W; Kang, D; Lee, JY; Chen, K; Shen, H; Shen, C; Sung, H; Matsuo, K; Haiman, CA; Khoo, US; Ren, Z; Iwasaki, M; Gu, K; Xiang, YB; Choi, JY; Park, SK; Zhang, L; Hu, Z; Wu, PE; Noh, D; Tajima, K; Henderson, BE; Chan, KY; Su, F; Kasuga, Y; Wang, W; Cheng, JR; Yoo, KY; Lee, JY; Zheng, H; Liu, Y; Shieh, YL; Kim, SW; Lee, JW; Iwata, H; Marchand, LL; Chan, SY; Xie, X; Tsugane, S; Lee, MH; Wang, S; Li, G; Levy, S; Huang, B; Shi, J; Delahanty, R; Zheng, Y; Li, C; Gao, YT; Shu, XO; Zheng, W2011182
HPV16 and HPV58 integrations in cervical cancer and premalignant lesionsLiu, S; Chan, YK; Leung, R; Jiang, L; Luk, M; Lo, S; Fong, D; Cheung, A; Lin, Z; Ngan, H2011125
Polyomavirus enhancer activator 3 protein promotes breast cancer metastatic progression through Snail-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transitionYuen, HF; Chan, YK; Grills, C; McCrudden, CM; Gunasekharan, V; Shi, Z; Wong, ASY; Lappin, TR; Chan, KW; Fennell, DA; Khoo, US; Johnston, PG; El-Tanani, M2011157
Significance of the Myxovirus resistance A (MxA) gene - 123C>A single-nucleotide polymorphism in suppressed interferon ß induction of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infectionChing, JCY; Chan, KYK; Lee, EHL; Xu, MS; Ting, CKP; So, TMK; Sham, PC; Leung, GM; Peiris, JSM; Khoo, US201089
The CD209 (DC-SIGN) -336A>G and MxA -123C>A promoter polymorphisms in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection in Hong Kong ChineseKhoo, US; Ching, JCY; Chan, YK; Xu, M; So, KM; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Yam, L; Wong, TY; Chung, PH; Chan, VSF; Tam, PKH; Yip, SP; Lin, CL; Sham, PC; Leung, GM; Peiris, JSM2010119
Human papillomavirus infection in Southern Chinese women: a population-based studyLiu, SS; Chan, KKY; Leung, RCY; Luk, MHM; Lo, SST; Fong, DYT; Cheung, A; Lin, ZQ; Ngan, HYS2010206
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