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Nanostructuring for nitride light-emitting diodes and opticalcavitiesLi, Kwai-hei.; 李攜曦.2013131
A smoothing SQP method for nonlinear programs with stability constraints arising from power systemsTong, X; Qi, L; Wu, SY; Wu, FF2012139
Load/Price Forecasting and Management of Demand Response for Smart Grids: Methodologies and ChallengesChan, SC; Tsui, KM; Wu, HC; Hou, Y; Wu, YC; Wu, FF2012132
Integration of Wind PowerHou, Y; Zhong, J; Wu, FF2011101
Practical model for large-scale AC-DC system power flow calculationQin, Z; Hou, Y; Wu, FF2011163
An improved approach for AC-DC power flow calculation with multi-infeed DC systemsLiu, C; Zhang, B; Hou, Y; Wu, FF; Liu, Y2011943
Path-dependent valuation of generators in the capacity, energy and carbon marketsSun, Yi; 孙毅2011266
Analytical models for wind power investmentCheng, Mang-kong.; 鄭孟剛.2011170
Integration of windHou, Y; Zhong, J; Wu, F2011217
Optimal dispatch and management for smart power gridLiu, Kai; 劉愷2011341
Optimal Trading Strategy For Genco In Lmp-based And Bilateral Markets Using Self-organising Hierarchical PsoBoonchuay, C; Ongsakul, W; Zhong, J; Wu, FF2010341
Risk assessment of generation investmentWu, FF; Hou, Y; Tong, X; Liu, M2010159
Risk-limiting dispatch of smart gridBialek, JW; Varaiya, P; Wu, F; Zhong, J201066
Cost and risk management for a local distribution company in purchasing electricityHailun, H; Yan, Z; Wu, FF; Hou, Y201081
Wind power investment in thermal system and emissions reductionCheng, HMK; Hou, Y; Wu, FF2010252
Financing long-term generation capacity in a reference price oriented capacity marketSun, Y; Wu, FF; Hou, Y2010211
Wind power forecasting and integration to power gridsZhong, J; Hou, Y; Wu, FF2010469
Islanding of systems of distributed generation using optimization methodologyWang, Minnan.; 王旻楠.2010253
Communication requirements for risk-limiting dispatch in smart gridLi, VOK; Wu, FF; Zhong, J2010253
Modeling electricity prices for generation investment and scheduling analysisHe, Yang; 何阳2010397
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