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Ordinal-based genetic algorithm with cascaded encoding for reactive power optimization of electricity marketZhao, D; He, G; Zhong, J; Ni, Y200872
Area COI-based slow frequency dynamics modeling, analysis and emergency control for interconnected power systemsDu, Zhaobin; 杜兆斌2008315
An efficient frontier analysis for the GenCo multi-trading strategy: Part two algorithm designFeng, D; Gan, D; Zhong, J; Ni, Y200788
An efficient frontier analysis for the GenCo multi-trading strategy: Part one Model analysisFeng, D; Gan, D; Zhong, J; Ni, Y200771
A semismooth newton method for solving optimal power flowTong, X; Wu, FF; Zhang, Y; Yan, Z; Ni, Y2007303
Existence and uniqueness of consistent conjectural variation equilibrium in electricity marketsLiu, Y; Ni, YX; Wu, FF; Cai, B2007363
Modeling of long-term dynamics for interconnected power systems with structure-preserved networkYi, H; Du, Z; Cheng, S; Zhang, Y; Hou, Y; Shi, L; Ni, Y200786
CoI Based Frequency Slow Dynamics Simulation of AC/DC Interconnected Power Systems Incorporationg AGCDu, Z; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Ni, Y2007136
Implementation of a power system dynamic security assessment and early warning systemShi, LB; Chang, NC; Lan, Z; Zhao, DP; Zhou, HF; Tam, PTC; Ni, YX; Wu, FF2007164
Structure-preserved power-frequency slow dynamics simulation of interconnected ac/dc power systems with AGC considerationDu, ZB; Zhang, Y; Liu, L; Guan, XH; Ni, YX; Wu, FF2007144
Supplier asset allocation in a pool-based electricity marketFeng, D; Gan, D; Zhong, J; Ni, Y2007199
An investigation on the application of nonlinear robust adaptive control theory in AC/DC power systemsPoon, Kai-yin, Kenny.; 潘啟然.2007182
Efficient point estimate method for probabilistic small signal stability analysisYi, H; Cheng, S; Hou, Y; Ni, Y2007132
Application of exotic real option for electricity market: Trial for supply function bids caseLiu, K; Hou, Y; Wu, FF; Ni, Y2007180
Decentralized congestion management for multilateral transactions based on optimal resource allocationLiu, K; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Bi, TS2007432
Impacts of suppliers' learning behaviour on market equilibrium under repeated linear supply-function biddingLiu, YF; Ni, YX; Wu, FF200690
Modified simplex method for economic evaluation of transmission expansion projectsXie, M; Zhong, J; Wu, FF; Duan, XZ; Ni, YX2006210
A new transient stability index of power systems based on theory of stability region and its applicationsXue, A; Shen, C; Mei, S; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Lu, Q200695
Pricing when market optimization has mutilple dual solutionsFeng, D; Gan, D; Zhong, J; Ni, Y200697
Novel decentralized approach through optimal resource allocation for congestion managementLiu, K; Zhao, DP; Hou, YH; Bi, TS; Ni, YX; Wu, F200649
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