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Tidal flushing time of marine fish culture zones in Hong KongMao, Jq; Wong, KTM; Lee, JHW; Choi, KW2011175
Daily forecasting of coastal beach water qualityThoe, W; Wong, HC; Choi, KW; Lee, JHW2010547
The extended Kalman filter for forecast of algal bloom dynamicsMao, JQ; Lee, JHW; Choi, KW2009181
Integrated stochastic environmental risk assessment of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) in Hong KongChoi, KW; Lee, JHW; Kwok, KWH; Leung, KMY2009362
Mixing of inclined dense jet dischargesLai, CCK; Lee, JHW; Choi, DKW2009168
Antibiotics in the Hong Kong metropolitan area: Ubiquitous distribution and fate in Victoria HarbourMinh, TB; Leung, HW; Loi, IH; Chan, WH; So, MK; Mao, JQ; Choi, D; Lam, JCW; Zheng, G; Martin, M; Lee, JHW; Lam, PKS; Richardson, BJ2009213
The Extended Kalman Filter for short term prediction of algal bloom dynamicsLee, JHW; Mao, J; Choi, DKW2008137
The determination of the mixing zone of a coastal wastewater dischargeChoi, DKW; Lee, JHW2008109
Modelling of dense jet in co-flow and counter flowChoi, DKW; Yu, D; Lee, JHW2008111
Modelling algal dynamics in eutrophic coastal watersLee, JHW; Choi, DKW; Wong, KTM; Qu, B; Arega, F2008129
Reply to Discussion of 'Distributed entrainment sink approach for modelling mixing and transport in the intermediate field'Choi, DKW; Lee, JHW2008163
A deterministic Lagrangian particle separation-based method for advective-diffusion problemsWong, KTM; Lee, JHW; Choi, KW2008304
Real-time hydro-environmental modeling and visualization system for public engagementLee, JHW; Choi, KW200891
Closure to "distributed entrainment sink approach for modeling mixing and transport in the intermediate field" by K. W. Choi and Joseph H. W. LeeChoi, KW; Lee, JHW200863
Distributed entrainment sink approach for modeling mixing and transport in the intermediate fieldChoi, DKW; Lee, JHW2007116
Post-operation impact assessment of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme, Hong KongChoi, DKW; Lee, JHW200798
3D computation of plume-generated buoyant surface spreading by dynamic coupling of near and far field modelChoi, DKW; Lee, JHW2006148
Impact assessment of outfall discharges by Monte Carlo methodChoi, DKW; Lee, JHW200692
A new approach to effluent plume modelling in the intermediate fieldChoi, DKW; Lee, JHW2005132
Fluid mechanics, red tides, and mariculture managementLee, JHW; Wong, KTM; Choi, DKW2004101
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