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Quantitative analysis in monitoring and improvement of industrial systemsTai, Hoi-lun, Allen.; 戴凱倫.2010304
Detection of machine failure: Hidden Markov Model approachTai, AH; Ching, WK; Chan, LY2009176
Optimal procurement auctions with endogenous quantityPu, Junyi.; 浦俊懿.2009287
A genetic algorithm approach to machine flexibility problems in an ion plating cellChan, FTS; Au, KC; Chan, LY; Lau, TL; Choy, KL2007114
Circular neighbour-balanced designs universally optimal for total effectsAi, M; Ge, G; Chan, PLY2007111
A new statistical distribution for group-by-group countingChan, PLY; Cao, M2007108
A two-stage cumulative quantity control chart for monitoring poisson processesChan, LY; Ouyang, J; Lau, HYK2007196
An evolutionary algorithm approach for assembly job shop scheduling with lot streaming techniqueWong, Tse-chiu.; 黃資超.2007253
Uniform design and its industrial applicationsFang, K.T.; Chan, PLY2007107
Using genetic algorithms to solve quality-related bin packing problemChan, FTS; Au, KC; Chan, LY; Lau, TL2007154
Equilibrium models in supply chainsLi, Jiukun.; 李久坤.2007260
Models for delivery and price equilibrium and statistical quality control in supply chainsCao, Min; 曹敏2007253
Hidden Markov Model for the Detection of Machine Failure (in CD-ROM)Tai, AHL; Ching, WK; Chan, PLY2006185
A study of distributed scheduling problem with machine maintenanceChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Chan, LY2006118
Solving distributed scheduling problems subject to machine maintenanceChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Chan, PLY2006110
A genetic algorithm with dominant genes crossover mechanism for distributed scheduling problemsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Chan, PLY200695
The application of lot streaming to assembly job shop environmentChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, PLY2006119
Application of genetic algorithms with dominant genes in a distributed scheduling problem in flexible manufacturing systemsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Chan, PLY2006141
Flexible job-shop scheduling problem under resource constraintsChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, LY2006170
Solving distributed FMS scheduling problems subject to maintenance: Genetic algorithms approachChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Chan, LY; Finke, G; Tiwari, MK2006117
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