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Association between Dental Caries and Adiposity Status (General, Central, and Peripheral Adiposity) in 12-Year-Old ChildrenPeng, S; Wong, HM; King, NM; McGrath, CPJ201417
Is dental caries experience associated with adiposity status in preschool children?Peng, S; Wong, HM; King, NM; McGrath, CPJ201417
Diffuse opacities in 12-year-old Hong Kong children – four cross-sectional surveysWong, HM; McGrath, CPJ; King, NM201417
The relationship between oral hygiene status and obesity among preschool children in Hong KongPeng, S; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, HM; King, NM201420
A comparison of a generic and oral health–specific measure in assessing the impact of early childhood caries on quality of lifeLee, HMG; McGrath, CPJ; Yiu, CKY; King, NM201320
Biocompatibility of Various Dental Materials of Contemporary Dentistry: a Narrative InsightMallineni, SK; Nuvvula, S; Matinlinna, JP; Yiu, CKY; King, NM201356
Oral health in preschool children with autism spectrum disorders: a case-control studyDu, R; McGrath, C; Yiu, C; King, N201326
Anthropometric assessments of adiposity and oral health among childrenPeng, Simin; 彭思敏201334
The relationship between tooth eruption and obesity in childrenWong, HM; Peng, S; McGrath, CPJ; King, NM201320
Effect of chlorhexidine incorporation into dental adhesive resin on durability of resin-dentin bond.Yiu, CKY; Hiraishi, NM; Tay, FRCM; King, NM201261
Infant growth and subsequent occurrence of developmental defects of enamelWong, HM; McGrath, CPJ; Peng, S; Pei, T; King, NM201225
Dental age assessment of southern Chinese using the United Kingdom Caucasian reference datasetJayaraman, J; Roberts, GJ; King, NM; Wong, HM2012174
Schwartz-Jampel syndrome: a review of the literature and case reportMallineni, SK; Yiu, CKY; King, NM2012152
Association between periodontal status and adiposity status among 12-year-old childrenPeng, S; McGrath, CPJ; Wong, HM; King, NM201227
Concomitant occurrence of hypohyperdontia in a patient with Marfan syndrome: a review of the literature and report of a case.Mallineni, SK; JAYARAMAN, J; Yiu, CKY; King, NM201218
Effect of chlorhexidine and ethanol wetbonding on immediate dentine bond strength.Manan, NM; Yiu, CKY; King, NM201213
Nanomechanical characterization of mineralized tissues in the oral cavityChan, YL; Ngan, AHW; King, NM2012162
Effect of proanthocyanidin incorporation into dental adhesive resin on resin-dentine bond strengthEpasinghe, DJ; Yiu, CKY; Burrow, MF; Tay, FR; King, NM2012142
Comparison of two radiographic methods for localization of bilateral supernumerary teethMallineni, SK; Anthonappa, RP; Yiu, CKY; King, NM201224
Effect of chlorhexidine incorporation into ethanol wet bonding on bonding to normal and caries-affected dentinEkambaram, M; Yiu, CKY; Matinlinna, JP; King, NM201220
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